We are often asked how best to serve our Eaux de Vie and Garden Swift dry gin. It is of course a matter of preference, enjoyment is always the key. For sheer pleasure we look towards the cocktail. Follow us below and on Facebook as we map out some beautiful recipes for our renowned products.

Away from cocktails we often focus upon enjoying the rich complexity contained within our ingredients, always of the highest quality with anything else being rejected. We never serve neat spirits with ice, it suppresses their character. However, a drop of water can reveal hidden depths. A tulip shaped glass, whether a grappa, whisky or small wine glass, lifts and captures the aromas that are so key (perfume and hand creams can be distracting, here we suggest a glass with a stem). Time spent nosing the drink, a small sip held upon the tongue, swallow, and then inhalation through the mouth, reveals an entire spectrum. This holds true for both our Eaux de Vie and gin. However, a drop of Eaux de Vie in a glass of English sparkling wine or Champagne is a whole other story! 

The one key thing to remember - Enjoy!