In the creation of Garden Swift gin, our love of complex mountain liqueurs was reflected in sharing some key ingredients. This included the genus of Artemisia plants. The key liqueur showcasing this group of plants is that alpine staple Genepi.

An inspirational combination came from our Autumnal production of apple juice. For our own private consumption we press and pasteurise hundreds of bottles of apple juice from the fruit of a local orchard, filled with heritage varieties. If you do not have access to your own apple juice a high quality brand will suffice.

Brought together with our Garden Swift gin we honoured it with the name of the Chamois, that beautiful mountain goat that traverses the landscape of the alpine Artemisias.

Simple to make, soft, refreshing and herbal, we present the Chamois:

  • 25ml Garden Swift dry gin

  • 25ml Genepi

  • 100ml Cloudy apple juice

  • A fresh sage leaf

Take a large wine glass with lots of ice. Add the Garden Swift, Genepi and top with the apple juice. Float a sage leaf upon the surface.



CocktailsBarney Wilczak