G & T


The Garden Swift Gin and Tonic. A nod to the past and a drink that reaches perhaps the peak of refreshing libations. It is also a drink that brings with it a huge amount of opportunities to customise it to your taste; dry vs. herbal vs. sweet tonics, ratio of spirit to mixer, and of course garnish. Here at the Capreolus Distillery we welcome experimentation. Adorned with almond hints of wild May blossom, peppery and flamboyant nasturtium flowers from the garden, cooling cucumber notes or more simply the clean flavours of lime or lemon. Watch our Facebook page for more suggestions. However, as our default GS&T we recommend:

  • 50 ml Garden Swift dry gin

  • 125 ml neutral tonic (a ratio of 2-3 times the amount of tonic to gin is an ideal). Our choice of tonic reflects that Garden Swift dry gin is a complex showcase within itself

  • A slice of orange (organic blood orange in their Winter season), bringing a hint of sweetness

Add large amounts of ice to a large wine glass, add Garden Swift gin, orange slice and top with tonic. Marvel as the essential oils mist around the ice.