In packaging our Eaux de Vie and gin we take the same care as we do in production. This is laborious and costly but respects the contents.

For the design of our artwork we only trust direct family. Get it Sorted, run by our distiller Barney Wilczak's father and brother, is the only team relied upon to interpret and create designs that share the same quality as our Eaux de Vie and gin. 

The labels are in turn printed with hand fed letterpress by Andrew Morrison (, the father of Barney's partner. This tactile and traditional form of printing is a work of art. Each label is varied and unique, sharing the care shown in our beautiful products. 

Our bottles have been constructed of a highly UV resistant glass, protecting the delicate essential oils contained within. The bottles are filled, labelled and corked by hand. Unlike some producers we never chill filter our spirits, a process which strips them of aroma, flavour and texture, purely for aesthetics. This means that our spirits will cloud on dilution or chilling, a sign of quality rather than fault.

Finally, our corks are produced to our specification. Importantly this supports the rich biodiversity of the cork forests in Portugal. Secondly, it provides a barrier that breathes, creating a further, slow evolution of our product within the bottle. We invite you to savour and enjoy our spirits throughout their life.