HMJ Apple Eau de Vie Aged in Mulberry Barrel 2015

HMJ Apple Eau de Vie Aged in Mulberry Barrel 2015


Sweetness, smoke and a rich intensity interplay with spice, flowers and fruit. 

375ml | 46% ABV | Edition of 184 bottles

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The West of England boasts a terrific heritage in both the breeding of unique fruit varieties and the perfect conditions to achieve the best from them. Cider apples in particular are tied to the area. We draw our vintage bittersweet Harry Masters Jersey apples from a single local orchard.

However, unlike most producers, we do not distill from cider. Our apples are sorted and washed by hand before the entire fruit is gently fermented and painstakingly double distilled. The richness, intensity and depth of flavour that the whole fruit brings with this single variety reflects these beautiful apples, naturally soft in acidity and high in tannins, a complex and wonderful expression.

Here we have taken our hard won Eau de Vie and aged it in a single mulberry wood barrel, yet another UK first. A rich toffee colour, smoke, flowers, sweetness and spice interplay with the fleshy, tarte tatin and cinnamon notes of this wonderful single variety distillate.

To truly understand this product we recommend a comparative sampling of our pure Harry Masters Jersey Eau de Vie, matured in neutral containers.