Doyenné du Comice pear (perry) Eau de Vie 2015

Doyenné du Comice pear (perry) Eau de Vie 2015


A fine nose of perfume, pear and spice are lifted by a palate of juice filled flesh. 

375ml | 43% ABV | Edition of 136 bottles

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What can we say about Doyenné du Comice? A desert pear, when picked at its peak, of unrivaled quality. Few fruits have such a uniformly high reputation amongst gourmands and growers. A not inconsiderable feat as it has been grown since 1849 - each tree a graft originating from that first French marvel. It is unfortunate however that the sheer delicacy of this fruit in its ripe state and inability to travel means that very few of us will ever taste the potential of this perfumed, butter smooth fleshed pear.

Our aim has been the capture of this fleeting moment in our local fruit. We decided to press these pears, a costly exercise as they do not give their juice easily. Then fermentation, using wild yeasts found within the fruits, proceeded slowly and at Winter temperatures, the resulting perry aged on its lees for an extra layer of complexity. Our double distillation, using perry rather than the whole fruit, brings in this case a fine and fragrant distillate. It reflects the whole of the fruit, sweetness, perfume, pear blossom and bizarrely a seeming synaesthesia reflecting the texture of pear. If you are looking for a step beyond the Poire Williams we can surely recommend our Doyenné du Comice.