Plum Eau de Vie 2015

Plum Eau de Vie 2015


Elegant and expansive with dark stone fruit, cinnamon and hints of almond. 

375ml | 43% ABV | Edition of 146 bottles

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Capturing the terroir of a superb local orchard, 2015 brought us a wonderful harvest of plums. It is focused around that most classic of dessert plums, the Victoria. Named in 1837, the same year that Queen Victoria came to the throne, it has remained one of the most iconic heritage fruits in the UK and beyond. Small trees give a fruit of superb quality, balancing acidity, sweetness and that most important aroma. With small additions of relative youngsters, Opal and Reeves Seedling, both from the first half of the 20th century, we have added even greater depth and complexity. 

To capture the short lived essence of these perfect fruits our distiller has gently crushed the fruit, leaving the stones whole to avoid their bitter oil. A slow, cool, fermentation, a hint of almond released by the stones, and then sieving laboriously by hand to ensure that there are no remaining stones present during the painstakingly slow double distillation. This ensures that the interplay of spices, fruit and the sensation of that mouth filling explosion of juice is never overpowered. To those who have shared our same joy of eating sun warmed plums ripe from the tree we invite you to explore this beautiful distillate. Perfect neat (but never chilled!), topped with sparkling wine or sprinkled on decadent puddings.