Barnet perry pear Eau de Vie - Single tree 2014

Barnet perry pear Eau de Vie - Single tree 2014


Reflecting an entire year of one tree. Sweet, perfumed, woody and opulent. 

375ml | 43% ABV | Edition of 9 bottles

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The joy of the smaller distillery is the ability to work on projects driven by passion for the ingredients rather than financial reward. For a devotee of the botanically rare, the discovery of an ancient Barnet perry pear tree in the beautiful Pitchcombe valley is a temptation not to be resisted. Originating in Gloucestershire during the mid 19th century we can only guess how soon after this magnificent tree was planted. With completely russeted impossibly small fruit the alternative name is the hedgehog pear, appearing like babies of the aforementioned animal when dropped in the grass. 

In 2014 our distiller shook down the full bounty from this tree that never crops well more than once in every 2-3 years. Magnificently high in sugar levels, tannin and complex aroma, this ancient breed was pressed, removing it from the heavy stalks that occupy half the fruit. Its ancient growth was reflected in its incredibly slow wild ferment, a year in all, gently preserving and developing aroma. 

The result is a true expression of terroir. Pithy, floral, rich pear, honeyed wood and spice, a complex pear for the connoisseur.