Blood orange (Tarocco) Eau de Vie 2015

Blood orange (Tarocco) Eau de Vie 2015


Refined orange, cherries, blackcurrant and raspberry, lilac and a hint of herbs. 

375ml | 43% ABV | Edition of 23 bottles

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It is hard to make a claim of a worldwide first. We are however unaware of anybody that has created a blood orange eau de vie through fermentation and distillation (as apposed to a neutral alcohol soaked geist). 

In the development of our gin, Garden Swift, we undertook long (obsessive) tests to find the most incredible citrus peel, evaluating aroma and complexity. This led to an unequivocal decision, the organically grown Sicillian Tarocco blood orange. While not as deeply coloured as its commonly seen sister, Moro (not mentioning the much more 'orangey' Sanguinello), the flavour is far more refined and well developed.

Having removed the fresh zest for the gin, the distillery reverberating with perfume, we took the flesh and gently pressed it with a small amount of the peel. A slow ferment using wild yeasts transformed the juice before double distillation. We have captured all that makes this fruit so exciting. Raspberries, blackcurrant, cherries, herbal notes and lilac sing within this fine, orange eau de vie. With around 40kg of fruit to each litre of distillate it is yet another treasure in our exclusive collection.