Dessert Plum Eau de Vie

Dessert Plum Eau de Vie


A voluminous nose of sweet and richly flavoured plum with hints of violet and raspberries.

375ml | 43% ABV | Edition of 203 bottles

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Hand picked less than 45 miles from the distillery a combination of perfectly ripe Victoria and Opal plums were gently crushed without breaking the stones, avoiding the release of bitter almond oil. After a gentle wild yeast fermentation every litre was hand sieved by distiller, Barney Wilczak, the moment before it enters the still. This removes the stones, ensuring just a hint of almond remains.

The heart of the distillation is an expression of 14kg of fruit preserved in every litre. Placed inside a single small virgin mulberry cask, both fruit and wood were bought together to create a beautifully balanced and intricate whole.

The result:

Aromas of soft ripe plums, raspberry, cinnamon, touches of ginger, floral spice and almond.

The palate is rich, rounded and well integrated. Ripe plums, prunes, delicate raspberry, gentle spice and floral notes with a light backbone of supportive tannins.