Elderberry Eau de Vie 2015

Elderberry Eau de Vie 2015


Unbelievably complex, boasting herbs, smoke, cocoa, spice and dark stone fruits. 

375ml | 43% ABV | Edition of 9 bottles

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We can appreicate why we are the first UK distillery to distill elderberries. It takes around 35 KG of berries to achieve one litre of finished eau de vie. Think about that for one moment, a 25 ml measure contains the essence of nearly one kilo of berries. It is however utterly beguiling and worth every moment of production. 

In 2015 our distiller, Barney Wilczak, spent 3.5 days trawling the hedgerows and flower rich grasslands that surround our distillery. Wild berries, low in sugar but rich in aroma, all picked by hand and with a rigorous eye to quality. The stems were completely removed, their disagreeable grassy notes are not permitted in our work, and the cleaned berries softly fermented. This contravenes most producers work with wild berries where they add neutral alcohol to the berries, known in German speaking countries as a 'geist' ('ghost' or 'spirit' in English), producing an inferior facsimile with just 1-3 kg of fruit used per finished litre of distillate.  Two days distilling followed and the reward was just 3.5 litres of the most fantastic eau de vie. It is truly a work of passion, there is no commercial advantage in producing such an exhaustively costly and time consuming spirit.

This is an Eau de Vie for the lover of powerful and complex spirits. Rich smoke, powerful cocoa, herbs and spice, a reflection of both earth and environment, united in a masterful whole much greater than the sum of its parts.