Elderberry Eau de Vie 2016

Elderberry Eau de Vie 2016


Exceptional. Taking up to 35kg to produce each litre the result is an extremely powerful and complex spirit for the connoisseur.

375ml | 43% ABV | Edition of 14 bottles

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We have some wonderful friends in the Cotswolds. The Kelly family who own Thistledown Farm, just 17 miles from us in Nympsfield, grow 3 acres of organic elderflower bushes. Amongst them is a heavenly stop for campers and an incredible cafe. These overlook flower rich grasslands, wooded valleys and the air filled with the song of skylarks.

We are lucky enough to pick the resulting elderberries for this incredible eau de vie. In 2016 eight days picking
saw enough for just fourteen bottles! Up to 35kg of berries go to make every litre. Every stem must be removed to prevent disturbing flavours. The reason we go to such ridiculous lengths is easy, our distiller Barney Wilczak keeps two of these bottles!

The result:

Raw cocoa, ripe figs, smoke, spice, incense, flowers, almond and elderberry. Warm and
sweet with hints of drying notes, a touch of sourness, earthy and rich, humus and decaying wood.

Endless complexity.