Perry Pear Eau de Vie (Var. Butt - Single Tree)

Perry Pear Eau de Vie (Var. Butt - Single Tree)


Clean, elegant and with a fine complexity. rich pear, green skins, bright floral and citrus notes with a gentle woody pressure on the palate.

375ml | 43% ABV | Edition of 43 bottles

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In the Autumn of 2016 we spent a day in the fields surrounding the village of Elmore, a short drive from our distillery. Our task was to pick a single tree in an abandoned orchard bordering the river Severn. This variety, Butt, was bred within a few miles of this very tree. It is a true expression of the terroir in which it was intended to perform.

A long day resulted in 290kg of tiny pears, an extraordinary amount for a single tree. Extremely rich and heavily tannic with a wonderful aroma, their potential was clear. This was further amplified with a wild yeast fermentation, local flora that built layer upon layer of flavour. An exciting and very rare distillate for true connoisseurs.

The result:

Aromas of green, fleshy pears, clean and elegant with good weight. 

In the taste we find rich and fleshy pear, fine but very complex, green skins with bright floral highlights, woody pressure on the pallet and citrus notes.